Pre-sliced Cold Smoked Norwegian Salmon

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Cold Smoked Norwegian Salmon

Our delicious cold smoked, pre-sliced Norwegian Salmon will offer your family many meal and appetizer options. From a smoked salmon eggs benedict for breakfast, to a cracker with cream cheese/onions and capers appetizer, your options are endless!

** Simply thaw, and you're ready to eat !

Now you’re probably thinking… that’s lox right? Although smoked salmon and lox look similar, lox is only salt-cured or brined, never cooked or smoked. Ours is skillfully cold smoked to perfection

If you’ve never tried Cold Smoked Salmon before, consider this your formal invitation into the world of the silky, flavorful, pre-sliced ingredient we know you will love.


Packed in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice, our goal is to provide our quality fish to you in their frozen state.

** For all orders shipped on Tuesday, they will arrive on Thursday (by end of day).
** For all orders shipped on Wednesday, they will arrive on Friday (by end of day).

All of the FINFISH DIRECT fish, they are 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives or chemicals.

It is our 100% Pure. Natural. Promise.

How to Eat

  • Simply thaw, and eat!