IQF Natural Pikeperch Cheeks

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IQF Natural Pikeperch Cheeks

• The most delicate and delicious part of the fish! No fishy taste! No bones!

• These tender morsels are easy to prepare –They are boneless, fine textured, and have flaky, white meat that works with any type of breading, sauce, or spice.

• Mild in taste, they can be sauteed with butter and lemon or oven baked, or can be breaded and deep fried until golden brown.

• Cheeks make an excellent appetizer, gourmet fish and chips basket, or used as a great addition to any seafood dinner plate.

• KIDS LOVE  THEM TOO! They are a great source of Omega 3 and protein, with no added chemicals or preservatives.

• The cheek sizes vary depending on the size of the fish from which they were harvested, but an average cheek weighs 10 grams.

Like all of the FINFISH DIRECT fish, they are 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives or chemicals.