Greenland Turbot (Halibut) - 4 oz Portions (Vacuum Sealed / Frozen)

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Turbot (also known in Europe as Halibut) is caught in the deep icy waters surrounding Greenland, has a sweet and mild taste that flakes beautifully when cooked. The meat is firm and lean, and the taste can be compared to a Chilean Sea bass. This of the highest quality whitefish that will be sure to exceed your expectations, it is a MUST try ! 

** In the pictures, you will see how this fish is caught by hand using dog sleds throughout remote areas of Greenland. 

Individual Package weight: 4 x 4 oz portions = 1 lb
Packages per case: 10 (40 portions)
Total Case Weight: 10 lb


Packed in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice, our goal is to provide our quality fish to you in their frozen state. We must ship our products to you on Tuesday/Wednesday in order for it to arrive before the weekend. 

** For all orders shipped on Wednesday, they will arrive on Friday (by end of day).