At Finfish, we believe in wholesome, chemical-free fish the way it meant to be eaten. Our customers can rest assured that we will always hold our lakes and oceans in the highest regard by only procuring from those who fish under strict ethical, sustainable, and traceable practices.

 The foundation of our family company is built on hard work and trust. It has taken a lifetime career to build relationships with ethical, like-minded Domestic and European fisheries, which has enabled us to secure the very best of the catch. We have developed a climate of positive, mutual respect for both the environment and our customers.

We will NEVER allow any type of preservative or chemical to be added to your fish,
which is processed under strict food safety regulations, and then shipped to our U.S. distribution facility. We are committed to providing the best quality “PNP” (Pure, Natural, Protein), by consistently delivering clean, chemical-free finfish, with the best taste and health benefits for our customers.

 From our family to yours, this is our PNP promise. Enjoy!