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What is STPP?

Most mainstream processors use STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate) - an additive used to increase moisture content (weight) of frozen protein products.
STPP is a versatile additive, used in cleaning products, detergents, soaps, paints, ceramics and other food products.
Fish treated with STPP results in a loss of flavor, a degradation of product quality and a dramatic reduction in portion size when cooked. 

We encourage everyone to check the “ingredients” on their current box of fish products to see if there has been any STPP included. (It is required by law!)

  • How is STPP added?

 In a vacuum tumbler, fillets are added with a liquid solution, and sloshed around until the fluid is absorbed by the fillets. 
* 10 lb fillets + 5 lb of STPP = 15 lb of treated fillets. *
Needles puncture the flesh to ensure that the meat is saturated with STPP solution, increasing the size and weight of the product. 

What does STPP look like? :

  • 1. The STPP treated frozen fillet will appear to be coated in white, as though freezer burned, but it’s just sodium- like sidewalk salt on your boots.
  • 2. Fillet immediately shrinks upon contact with heat.

  • 3. A milky liquid forms around fillet in pan.

  • 4. Fillet easily splits apart- especially in thinner areas.

  • 5. The actual portion size is significanty reduced.

There are numerous reports of adverse health issues related to food treated with STPP ranging from headache, digestive issues and increased blood pressure.

Finfish Direct   VS    STPP Fillet

     (Pure Natural Protein)                               (Sodium Tripolyphosphate)

Which would you rather eat?